Hot British Boyfriend

Hot British Boyfriend

First Lines: By the end of tonight, I will be Andy Keating’s girlfriend.

Let’s be real here: most of us girls at some point or another have at least momentarily thought about how cool it would be to have a hot British boyfriend. (Especially those of us who grew up in the Harry Potter era…LOTS of fodder there.) The title and the blurb really got me on this one, though the cover is really cute too…and I don’t even like this cartoon trend.

Ellie Nichols is mortified. After literally throwing herself at a guy and getting turned down (and going viral online for her fail) she does the only reasonable thing: she flees the country. Ok, she joins her high school’s study abroad program and goes to England. While most of her classmates are there for the honors courses and college applications, Ellie wants to rebuild her image and self-confidence. So what’s better than a hot British boyfriend? Enter Will, a gorgeous Brit who shows Ellie more than a little interest. The only problem? Ellie doesn’t actually have that much in common with Will, a problem she rectifies by enlisting the help of classmate Dev, who seems to know about all the things Will enjoys. But as Ellie travels Europe and learns more about herself, she has to wonder…is the perfect boyfriend actually the perfect guy for her?

This was cute. It’s obviously fluff right from the beginning, but that was kind of what I was looking for: something adorable and funny and not something I’d have to think too hard about.

We’re introduced to Ellie, who has just made a fool of herself in front of nearly her entire school by literally throwing herself at a boy who didn’t actually like her. Mortified, she feels her only option is to join the study abroad trip to England that leaves soon. Ellie just wants to go to see England and experience the culture, not really for the “study” part of study abroad. Ellie does come across a little materialistic or shallow in the beginning, but that’s not who she is. I actually really liked her by the end of the story.

The setting of England was definitely fun, watching the characters explore different places and hearing the different slang. It was just fun. They also travel to a couple other places throughout Europe and it was just kind of cool to see those locales.

The love story was interesting in its own way as well. It might not have been the greatest thing I’ve ever read, but it wasn’t bad either. You see this friendship growing between Dev and Ellie for a while, even as Ellie falls for Will. I thought the story did a good job of balancing all these elements.

It’s cute. It’s not a complicated story and yeah, it’s probably more than a little predictable, but it’s a good summer beach read.

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