Sunny Song Will Never Be Famous

Sunny Song Will Never Be Famous

First Lines: “Thank you for coming on such short notice, Mr. and Mrs. Song.” Mr. Lyons straightened the slightly askew HEADMASTER plaque on his desk before continuing.

I went on vacation with my boyfriend a few weeks back and I was looking for a very specific kind of book to take with me: something funny and simple and easy to pick up whenever there was a little down time. This looked like it might be just the thing.

Sunny Song has summer goals, namely to snag Rafael Kim as her boyfriend and get 100k followers on social media. What wasn’t on her list? Accidentally filming a PG-13 viral cooking video (#browniegate), which earned her a one-way ticket to social detox camp in Iowa. IOWA. For a MONTH. This up and coming social media star is going to learn how to run a farm, which so does not help her business plans. If she wants to get the future she’s always wanted, she’s going to need a way back to WiFi. But when a few unexpected friendship and one too-cute farm boy show up in her new life, Sunny might have to reconsider how much of her life she wants to spend online…

I will admit that it was funny. Sunny is obsessed with getting more followers and it leads to some…unfortunate incidents. Her family has had enough and ships this city girl (LA) to Iowa for digital detox camp, where she could have jobs like shearing sheep or milking cows. Obviously, this has comedy potential, and it does deliver on the humor. It’s almost over-the-top humor at times, but it was entertaining.

Maybe this is me as a 30 year old talking, but I just thought this story lacked the depth to balance out the humor. Sure, Sunny does have some internal conflicts. But I felt like there were so many dropped plotlines, so many moments where the story jumped around that it was hard to feel like it all connected into anything. I didn’t feel like the story had any real flow.

Now that I’ve said that, I did think the story had some good messages about our relationship with social media. It was interesting to watch Sunny realize just how she was tied to her phone. But again, it was pointed out rather matter-of-factly and not in a way that really let us see Sunny’s transformation as much. I don’t exactly know how I would have improved it, but it all just read a little off to me, like there was too much telling and not enough showing.

It’s not a bad read at all. I thought it was cute and funny, with a lot of flawed characters trying to improve themselves.

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