Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith

First Lines: The day had finally arrived. The party was about to begin and we still couldn’t say whether we were more excited or nervous for what was going to unfold.

I don’t often talk too much about nonfiction in this blog, partly because I don’t read it often and partly because what I do choose to read tends to be biographies of George Washington or really niche historical things. But in early 2020, I got swept up in the show Love is Blind, like a lot of people did. And I loved Lauren and Cameron. So one day while I was walking through the library and saw this on the shelf, I had to pick it up.

For those unfamiliar with the show, the idea was that singles would talk to each other through walls and would not see each other for the first time until they became engaged. Lauren and Cameron were two of those contestants. While neither of them truly expected to find love on the show, they are committed to making their marriage work. This book has them telling us our side of the story, from how they got involved with the show to their whirlwind romance to the issues they’ve faced in the early days of their marriage.

I really liked this. Then again, I really liked Lauren and Cameron on the show and every reunion episode since. They always seemed like they had the strongest and best relationship.

This book mostly unfolds as Lauren and Cameron having long-form conversations with us, the readers. In the beginning, they have entire chapters to say their backgrounds and what brought them to the show. But as their stories intertwine, they begin flipping back and forth within the chapter. Sometimes it’s a few paragraphs before the switch, sometimes it’s a few pages.

Lauren and Cameron talk about everything from how to make a connection with people to how to impress the prospective in-laws. They give some behind the scenes details about the show and how they stayed true to themselves throughout the process. I thought it was a really well done combination of reality TV expose and an almost self-help book on relationships while being autobiographical.

These two are just super cute and it’s so cool to read about how their relationship blossomed–and how it all works out day after day.

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