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Halloween as Katniss Everdeen

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I’m Holly.  I’m a middle school English teacher and a complete book nerd.  (I usually call myself a “word nerd” because that sounds cooler.)  I started this blog in February of 2011 as part of an assignment in a college class and I haven’t wanted to give it up since.  I read all the time and I love sharing my enthusiasm of books–and the occasional TV show/movie based on books–with others.  My specialty is YA books, particularly those that dip into the realm of the supernatural or contemporary YA romance, but I am definitely not limited to these.  I also enjoy mysteries, realistic YA fiction, dystopias, and historical fictions as well.

Outside of reading and blogging, I enjoy many other things.  I truly do love my job as a teacher.  I love being weird and nerdy with the kids and showing them that English is an awesomely weird language.

I’m heavily drawn to the arts as well, particularly theatre and music.  I was in show choir and drama club as a kid, a strange combination for someone introverted.  I listen to all kinds of music from Broadway showtunes to country to 80s rock and 50s Big Band.  I’m also a fan of live theatre.  (Yes, I do spell it like the British.  I like the way it looks.)  Some of my favorite shows are Beauty and the Beast (duh), Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and The Sound of Music (in which I played Liesl in high school).

I’m a major history buff as well.  My hero is George Washington (as my students can easily tell you) because I adore researching the Revolutionary War.  I’m also drawn to the British monarchy, particularly the reign of the Tudors and the Victorian era.  Because of this, I sometimes make obscure history references in my reviews.  I apologize.  I think they’re funny.

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