Contacting Me

This is the part where I would normally have my email address.  But, due to my demanding schedule as a teacher, the school year is usually a bad time for me to read ARCs and other review copies of books in a timely manner.  (I have a hard enough time grading 200 essays and getting them back quickly.  200 essays.)  So unfortunately, I have to decline pretty much every ARC that comes my way.  I never know when I’ll have time to read them.  And over the summer, I’m trying to catch up on everything I wanted to read before!  My sincerest apologies in advance.  I truly do love ARCs, but I can’t give them the respect they deserve.

However, I LOVE hearing from people!  Feel free to leave me a comment about what to read next, what you think, or whatever!  I do read my comments and try to respond to them in a timely fashion.


Special Thanks

I’d like to offer a special thanks to all the authors who have contacted me and let me read their books:

F.W. Adams (The Unfortunate Tale of Little Mary Jenkins), Christine M. Besze (Everlasting Bond), Kaitlin Bevis (Persephone), Amanda Burke (Ruby), Andrea Cefalo (The Fairytale Keeper), Jamie Canosa (Fight or Flight, Resisting Atlantis), Lizzy Charles (Effortless With You, Perfectly Messy), Ron Corriveau (The Agent’s Daughter), John Michael Cummings (Ugly To Start With), Rebecca Ethington (Kiss of Fire), Bella Forrest (A Shade of Vampire, A Shade of Blood), Lisa Grace (Angel in the Shadows), Tyler Knott Gregson (Chasers of the Light), Bridie Hall (Letting Go), E.K. Henry (Freak), Krista Holle (The Lure of Shapinsay), Karen Ann Hopkins (Temptation), Lesa Howard (Phantom’s Dance), Kirby Howell (Autumn in the City of Angels), Natalia Jaster (Touch), J.F. Jenkins (Vala: Agendas), A. Bin Juran (Out of Sync), Jodi Lamm (Titan Magic), Holly Lauren (Tempus), Trisha Leigh (Whispers in Autumn), Light & Lowell (Cursed Hearts), Jordana Lizama (Sophia: Within), G.R. Mannering (Roses), Jenny E. Miller (Asylum), A.J. Myers (Something Witchy), CW Nash (Hunter), Carol Nicolas (The Sixth Power), Wendy Owens (Only in Dreams), Hanna Peach (Angelfire and Angelstone), Jennifer Quintenz (Thrall, Incubus, Sacrifice), J.A. Redmerski (The Mayfair Moon), Jesi Lea Ryan (Arcadia’s Gift), Sherry Soule (Beautifully Broken, Moonlight Mayhem, and Immortal Eclipse), Lola St. Vil (Guardians: The Girl), Lisa M. Stasse (The Forsaken), H.S. Stone (Beyond New Eden), Isabel and Marilyn Thomas (Stargazing From Nowhere), Jasmine Tru (Normal is the Watchword), Shelley Workinger (Solid, Settling, and Sound), Amy Wright (Nightmare), Karen Wrighton (Ascension of the Whyte)