One Day

Twenty years.  Two people.

This is one of those movies where I was interested because the plot sounded interesting, but I was also looking forward to seeing a specific actress (in this case, Anne Hathaway).  I’m a fan of Anne, so I wanted to see this.

Emma and Dexter meet on the night of their university graduation–July 15th.  We get to see them on the anniversary of this date every year.  Emma is a sweet, smart, nerdy woman who doesn’t quite know what to do with her life.  Dexter is ambitious and laid back, preferring to party through life than actually see where he’s going.  Over the years, the two go through nearly everything together.

I saw that it didn’t get all that great of reviews before I watched it.  I suppose I can see why, but I can’t agree with them.  I loved it.

I really loved the concept of the story and how it was told.  It just the story of two people who manage to stay in each others’ lives for 20 years.  Sometimes, we don’t even see them together on the appointed day.  It’s just a story of life.

There was so much character development in the story and I just ate that up.  I mean, no one stays the same year after year like that.  It was so interesting to watch Emma grow and Dexter…well, be Dexter.  They were two different people who found something special about the other person.

I think why some people don’t like it is that it can be kind of choppy.  You have to cover 20 years in a little over 2 hours.  Some “years” didn’t last more than a few minutes.  And Anne’s accent comes off a little silly at times.  But that’s just my opinion.  Who am I to judge the authenticity of a British accent?  I’m American.

I haven’t read the book yet, either, so I don’t know how they compare.  But I really want to read it now.

Oh, P.S., in case you didn’t already know, Jim Sturgess is really hot.


Top 15 Most Romantic Movies (10-6)

Romantic movies.  Every girl loves them, particularly this girl.  I’ve compiled a list of 15 of my favorite romantic movies based on 5 criteria I listed in the first portion of this list.  If you missed it, go back and read it.  But basically, it’s how devoted the couple is to each other, how well they work together, and how difficult of hardships they’ve overcome.  Ready for the next five?

10. Chasing Liberty (2004)

Lead Actors: Mandy Moore, Matthew Goode

The Story: Anna is the President’s daughter who feels she’s being kept on too short a leash.  During an escape from the Secret Service, Anna meets Ben, who goes with her around Europe to make it to Berlin.

What Makes Them Amazing: Besides the fact that it’s Mandy Moore (look!  I’m not mentioning a guy this time!  Though he is really cute…), I love the fact that it’s the President’s daughter who is rebelling.  And Ben is such a sweetheart.  Even though he believes most of the time that Anna’s being stupid, he follows her from city to city to make sure she’s safe.  How cute is that?

Rated: 41.4/50

9. Dirty Dancing (1987)

Lead Actors: Jennifer Grey, Patrick Swayze

The Story: Baby is going on vacation with her family to a fancy resort, which is not as fun as she would have hoped.  Until she’s shown a different side of Kellerman’s resort.  There she meets Johnny Castle, a talented dancer and a man unlike any she’s met before.

What Makes Them Amazing: Oh come on.  Baby and Johnny are classic!  Every girl was like Baby at one point and who doesn’t enjoy watching Patrick Swayze kill on the dancefloor?  That last musical number is my favorite.  Oh, how I’ve longed to find someone as awesome as Johnny Castle…sigh.

Rated: 41.4/50

8. Ella Enchanted (2004)

Lead Actors: Anne Hathaway, Hugh Dancy

The Story: As a baby, Ella was enchanted (ha!) by a fairy godmother to always obey orders.  Ella’s never liked her “gift” and wishes it’d go away.  After she’s pushed too far, she goes in search of this godmother and ends up traveling with Prince Charmont, who learns what’s really happening in his kingdom.

What Makes It Amazing: It’s a fairytale!  Who doesn’t love a good fairytale?  Also, there’s killer music.  But more on point, I love how Ella loves Char.  That curse is one serious obstacle to overcome.  And Char’s cute.  I had to say it.  Who wouldn’t want to find their own prince?  As a side note, Cary Elwes (remember him?  #15) plays the bad guy in this, which is just awesome.

Rated: 42.2/50

7. The Young Victoria (2009)

Lead Actors: Emily Blunt, Rupert Friend

The Story: It’s another movie based on a real queen of England.  Victoria rose to power as a teenager against the will of her mother, who wanted to rule as regent.  Meanwhile, Victoria’s uncle (the king of Belgium), wanted her under his control and sent Prince Albert to woo her…

What Makes Them Amazing: This is totally based on a true story.  How true it is, I’m not sure.  But it did say that Victoria was deeply in love with Albert, which Blunt makes very obvious.  And I loved how devoted Albert was to her as well.  They overcame so much and Albert gets serious brownie points for his “big gesture” of love.  You can’t help but adore a prince like that.

Rated: 42.6/50

6. Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)

Lead Actors: Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley

The Story: Really, is there anyone who doesn’t know what Pirates is about?  And really, I’m only looking at the relationship between Will and Elizabeth when I talk about this.  Boy loves girl from afar, girl gets kidnapped, boy tries to save girl, girl falls in love with boy.

What Makes Them Amazing: Trust me, I’m still looking at this going, “This made it all the way up to #6?”  The only thing I can think of that helped it along is the fact that I’m in love with England and this era (as if you couldn’t tell by the list thus far).  Oh well.  I love that Will is do devoted to Elizabeth, even from the beginning.  I love that they make such a great team, which probably earned them high marks for compatibility.

Rated: 43.1/50

That’s it for now, guys.  The last 5 movies in this list will be coming!  I wouldn’t leave you hanging, now would I?  Don’t worry, we’re almost there!