Six Harry Potter Parodies

In honor of the upcoming movie (and because I’m going to see it at midnight), I’ve been pretty psyched all day and I’ve been trying to find epic parodies on Youtube.  I figured you guys might enjoy some of these as well, because they are hysterical.

A Very Potter Musical

I keep plugging this because I love it so much.  I don’t have time to watch it before I leave for the movie (my friend and I are planning on standing in line for roughly 6 hours), but I love it and wish I could see it all before I leave.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 and Part 2 Trailer Spoof

Pure epicness.  Obviously, these guys are working on a low budget (Voldemort’s using tongs for a wand, for Pete’s sake), but it’s so funny.  I can’t tell you how many times I laughed as I watched this.  I am going to be quoting this tonight!

Harry Potter Friday Parody by The Hillywood Show

I purposefully avoided the original Friday song.  I haven’t heard it completely through once, but I love the parodies.  This one is just awesome.  Hillywood seems to have an unlimited budget (I started watching some of their other things after I found this).  Also, they have a seriously awesome dance number.  Make sure you watch it through the credits!  It’s funny.

Harry Potter and the Order of Umbridge by The Hillywood Show

It’s just stupid funny.  Can you imagine if Harry and Ron actually did this to Umbridge?  Lord.  But it’s funny.

Hallows (Harry Potter Parody of Halo by Beyonce)

I love how true this song is.  Her singing gets a little on my nerves after a while, but the lyrics ring true.  Lovely parody.

Train – Hey Soul Sister Parody: Harry Potter (Before We Say Goodbye)

I just about started crying when I listened to this.  It’s funny, but it’s another one that rings true.  And as he says at the end, The Magic Never Dies.

Dracula: Dead and Loving It

My friend recommended this movie to me because I think Mel Brooks is a hoot (seriously, check out Robin Hood: Men in Tights).  He makes spoofing a tale we all know seem effortless.  Not to mention he sticks as close to the original legend as possible.  Which is awesome.

The first time I watched it, I didn’t really like it.  I hadn’t read Dracula yet and nothing really made sense.  I mean, there was humor I could understand, but it wasn’t all that funny.

Now that I’ve read Dracula, this makes a little more sense.  I can see what happened in the book that Brooks sort of skipped over because he didn’t have time to include the whole scene in a 90 minute movie.  And it’s a lot funnier now that I get more of the jokes.

Leslie Nielson does a great job with his part as Dracula.  He is a natural at dropping witty one-liners that make the scene (“I just had a daymare”).  I’m a fan of him anyway.  Dracula is not his best role ever, but he manages to make it funny and slightly scary at the same time.  Not exactly the easiest thing to do.

I think the best acting awards go to Mel Brooks (because he is just amazing as Professor Van Helsing) and Steven Weber as Jonathan Harker.  Those two just have the best lines in the whole movie and they are adorable characters.

I’ve put the trailer below so you can see what you think for yourself.  I will say, those are most of the best scenes in there.  There are others (like the “schh-edule” bit and the “last word” stuff between Dracula and Van Helsing), but the majority are right there in the trailer.