Top Tens

From time to time, I get bored and feel the need to create lists of things.  So I figure you guys would like to see these lists sometimes.  I’d love feedback on them, if you think I’ve forgotten something or have a suggestion for another list.  Enjoy!


Top Ten Books To Try If You Like Sarah J. Maas

Top Ten Books To Try If You Like Libba Bray

Top Ten Books To Try If You Like Cassandra Clare


Top Ten Weirdest Covers

Top Ten Book Pet Peeves

Top Ten Cutest Couple Covers

Top Ten Books That Changed My Life

Top Ten Best Fictional Couples

Top Ten Retold Fairy Tales

Top Ten Fictional Crushes (2018 edition)

Top Ten Great American Read Books I Don’t Like

Top Ten Books I Want To Read From The Great American Read

Top Ten Favorite Books from The Great American Read

Top Ten Book Recommendations for People Who Don’t Normally Read YA

Top Ten Books Recently Added To My To-Read List

Top Ten “Hey, I Should Probably Read That…”

Top Ten Books I Wouldn’t Mind Santa Leaving Under My Tree

Top Ten Books Read Because of Recommendations

Top Ten Favorite/Most Compelling Villains

Top Ten Books Set in High School

Top Ten Books I’d Buy Right Now

Top Ten Things Books Have Made Me Want to Do or Learn About

Top Ten Books Set Outside the US

My Top 11 Most Read Authors

Top 10 Unafraid Females

Top 10 Reads of 2014

Ten Sassy Comebacks in Books

Top Ten Books About Music

Top Ten Books About Summer

My Top 10 Reads of 2013

Most Common Character Names

Finnick and Annie (from The Hunger Games) Miniseries

Top 10 Christmas Movies

My 10 Favorite Fictional Crushes, Book Edition

My 5 Favorite Harry Potter Characters

Six Harry Potter Parodies

Top 20 Favorite First Lines

Top Ten Complete Series

Top 15 Most Romantic Movies (15-11) (10-6) (5-1)

Five Beautiful Dresses

February Releases

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