Bleeding Hearts (Drake Chronicles, #4)

First Lines: “The fact that we have to fetch our baby sister home because she’s out later than we are is just sad,” Quinn grumbled.

One of my favorite vampire series.  I pine and yearn for these books when they’re coming out.  They’re so funny and action-packed.  The Drakes are just awesome.

*Potential Series Spoilers ahead*

Violet Hill seems to be turning in Violent Hill.  The Hel-Blar are showing up en masse and it doesn’t help that the Blood Moon is coming up.  Lucy’s cousin Christabel, oblivious to the danger, moves in with Lucy’s family.  Christa immediately gains the attention of Connor Drake, who finds her bookish tendencies to be charming.  And when Christa is kidnapped by the Hel-Blar, who think she’s Lucy, Connor immediately jumps into action.  Can he save her and the precarious balance that is vampire politics?

The cover is gorgeous.  I love how you can vaguely make out the vamp in the top left corner.  It must be darker on my copy because he’s a bit harder to see.

Alright.  So.  Honestly, this book is no different from the others.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Ms. Harvey has found a formula that works and she sticks with it.  There is humor infused with action and intrigue, which is really funny when scary characters start sassing back.  Love it.

As for our leads in this one, Christabel and Connor, they were probably the most reader-relatable characters.  Both are total geeks.  Christa always has her head in a book and Connor is a sci-fi enthusiast who can feed you Star Wars trivia until you throw up.  His words, not mine.  That said, we really don’t get to see them as much as we have the characters in the previous 2 books.  This was formatted much like the first, with 3 narrators instead of just 2.  This meant that the story jumped to an extra–but necessary–plot line that didn’t involve the cute couple and thus meant we didn’t get to see them as much.  That was a bit saddening because I really would have liked to see more of Connor.

There are some fun moments in the story that caused me to smile or giggle.  Most of those involved Lucy, to no one’s surprise.  That girl has gotten more face time than anyone else.  And I’m pretty cool with that because of how funny she is.

For some reason–and I’m totally not complaining–my copy has this bonus story in the back called “Lost Girls”.  It’s set in 1983 and revolves around Helena, before she became a Drake.  It was so cool and epic and would it be possible to turn that into a full-fledged story?  I mean really, Helena’s got more spunk in her than I’ve gotten to see in any of the other books.  I knew she was a badass, but this went to a new level.

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