The Calling (Darkness Rising, #2)

First Lines: I don’t know who was more anxious–Daniel or Kenjii–but they weren’t making this emergency helicopter evactuation any easier.

In case you don’t know or need a little quick refresher, the Darkness Rising series is the spin-off series of the Darkest Powers series.  Darkest Powers followed kids who had been part of an experiment that gave them powers.  This series is no different in that respect.  I suppose now is the time to introduce this book, yeah?

Picking up immediately where the last book left off, Maya and a few of her classmates are in a helicopter evacuation from the island (wow, bet you didn’t know all that, even though you just read the first lines!).  The fire they are fleeing from, Maya believes, was intentionally set by a group that seems to be hunting them down.  But the trouble is only just beginning as chaos breaks out and the helicopter crashes.  Now they find themselves in the middle of the wilderness with only their powers to help them survive.  Will it be enough?  Or will those that are hunting them find them?

Honestly, I remembered next to nothing about the first book.  I totally read it because I’ve reviewed it here and on Goodreads, but I just couldn’t remember what had happened except for a few scenes.  Thank God I write notes when I finish a book in a series.

Alright.  Well, one complaint I had with The Gathering (the first book) was that nothing really seemed to happen.  I felt that again this time.  It was a bit like Harry Potter 7 Part 1.  I mean, there’s really just a bunch of stumbling through the woods, trying to keep the group safe, and trying to outsmart the bad guys.  Not a whole lot of difference between the two, really.  There are definitely some worthwhile action scenes and character drama, but the scenery doesn’t change.

I still like Maya.  I didn’t get the same ‘sassy’ vibe I apparently got from the first book, but she’s just got that leadership charm about her that is magnetizing.  Between her and Daniel (her BFF), those two lead the story the same way they lead the group.

I won’t say that I’m bored with the story because I’m not, but there’s something that makes me slightly…exasperated?  I think part of the problem is that I was a huge fan of Chloe and the gang in Darkest Powers.  I was really hoping this series would be just like it and it’s not.  Though, if the ending of this book is any indication, we could be looking at the next book being a lot more like DP.  Crossing my fingers.

As much as I say it exasperates me and the scenery doesn’t change, I flew through this book.  Probably helps that I read outside for about 2 hours yesterday with my music playing next to me. That tends to put me in a good mood.


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