Glitter & Doom (Masque of the Red Death, #1.5)

First Lines: “Be pretty,” her mother said, rearranging April’s frilly skirts.  “Keep your eyes wide and innocent.  It’s the only thing that might protect you.”

I really needed something totally different than the indie books I’d been reading, so I jumped to this little dark novella.  (And I’m back on indies again now, in case you were wondering.)  I thought this would be perfect, seeing as I want to get back into the mindset of this story so I can read the next book.

Told from April’s perspective, this is April’s side of Masque of the Red Death.  April appears to be Araby’s frivolous best friend, but she’s more than that.  With a scary uncle dictator, April’s knows how to hide behind a mask…figuratively and literally.  Deep underneath the city, April meets Kent, an inventor who may just be the key to a successful rebellion…

I love novellas, I really do, but they’re always too short for my liking!  I really liked seeing from April this time, as I remember not liking her so much in the first book.  (And I could be remembering wrong, I’m not sure.)  But what was really nice seeing was that she’s more than the frivolous girl I thought she was.  I love stuff like that.

I will say that if you haven’t read Masque of the Red Death, I’d wait on reading this until you had.  There’s a lot of spoilers here, as it’s supposed to be what April was doing during the novel.  And she wasn’t just sitting around looking pretty.  I’ve seen another review where someone said this had lots of spoilers for the 2nd book, but if they’re there, I have no idea what they are or what they spoil.  So I’m not too concerned about that.

Overall, it’s a quick read that introduces (or reintroduces) you to characters while giving them more of a backstory.

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